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Pastor David's Page


December 2017

Pastor David and Mary Choi

I visited South Korea last month. The purpose of my trip was that my father has been sick since last year and I wanted to bring my parents to Hawaii for a sightseeing tour before he would be even more sick. My parents have traveled to other countries so far, but they had never traveled to Hawaii. Two days before coming to Hawaii, my father was so sick that he was taken to the emergency room. Fortunately, he recovered quickly. Even when he was here in Hawaii, he was often sick, but he was not serious to be hospitalized. I was so grateful to God for this. I am also grateful to the senior members of our church for being healthy, traveling, worshiping God with us in church, and doing many things in church. I give deep respect and thanks whenever I think of them. I always pray that they will always stay healthy and live long.

December is the last month of a year. Now, Christmas is coming soon. January 1st looks like yesterday and it is already December. I really feel that time flies. About two weeks ago, Sunday afternoon, Mary and I visited Punch Bowl with my parents. A few days ago, it was Veterans Day, so the entire Cemetery was filled with flags and I felt godliness there. I thanked those who did their best for the country. We walked around the cemetery and talked about life and death. We saw a cross on the many headstones, and my father said that he felt peace in his heart for the moment. He told me that the purpose of our lives was to spread the death of Jesus on the cross and his gospel till the day of our death. That was a great teaching to me.

I was in South Korea on December 31, 1999. Some people said that December 31 was the end of the world. I did not believe it, but I was afraid. But nothing happened that night. But we all know that there is a last December in our calendar of life that is no longer January. We do not know when it is. We must live a meaningful life until our last day.

December 25th is the day that Jesus was born. It is the day when all mankind should rejoice. We see beautiful Christmas decorations and neon signs all over the place. And we hear Christmas carols. When we think about Christmas, our hearts are filled with joy. But what is the true meaning of Christmas? Jesus came to earth to die to save the mankind. When the baby Jesus was born, people celebrated his birth, but he must have meditated on his redemptive work and death on the cross.

It is important for us to look forward to Christmas and to be prepared with joy, but more importantly, for the month of December, we look back on our lives in 2017, end this year well, and live a life to spread the cross of Christ and his death, and to preach his gospel more diligently.

I pray that God will bless you with grace and blessings in your home in the month of December.

Rev. Dr. David Choi


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