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The Kimata Center was founded by Paul Kimata, a member of our church who struggled after the passing of his wife Grace. The mission of the Kimata Center is to provide faith-based support for those who are suffering from the grief of losing a loved one and want a place to learn about, normalize, and share the grieving process in community.


Since 2002, the Grace Moore Kimata Center has been offering support to members of the community experiencing the loss of a loved one. Twice a year, our church offers a 13-session grief support group based on the GriefShare program. We also facilitate a one-time session "Surviving the Holidays" in November.


Our next session will start on June 8th and continue through August 31st, 9:00 a.m. in person every Thursday for approximately 2 hours each session. There is no charge and all materials will be provided. Anyone suffering from the loss of a loved one is encouraged to attend. We invite all of those who want to participate in a Grief Support Group.

To join one of our grief support groups or for more information, please contact James Higa at 808-623-4941 or

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